According to a recent study completed by Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice, home without a security system are three (3) times more likely to be burglarized than a home with a security system.

This study ruled out location, lack of lighting, etc. and noted that residences that did not have a security system, either wired or wireless were three times as likely to be robbed, vandalized or broken into. With the current economic climate, it really makes sense to think about purchasing a security system. While I am loath to recommend the $99.00 ADT install, which is just one keypad, front and rear door sensors, a motion detector and control box along with a three (3) year $35.99 per month monitoring fee, now may be the perfect time to speak with a local licensed security dealer about a security system that really protects your home.
A properly install security system, along with a review of your exterior can provide peace of mind, safety and energy management. Right now, I wold wager that you go and turn on a light in the front and possibly the rear of your home. You may have a motion light or a photo cell control “night light” positioned on your home for safety and security. While this may provide you with a little peace of mind, the determined thief may be watching your home, making notes of when you leave and when you come home, as well as noting your lights, any large trees and landscaping covering a possible entrance, any dark corners or areas that are not viewable from the street or next door neighbors. Yes, I have heard that home security is only as strong as a piece of glass, but with a monitored professionally installed system, most would be thieves will look a more opportune locations before attacking the monitored home.
A professionally installed system can reduce insurance costs, can control lights and HVAC, thus saving you money and add safety and security to your family. A professionally installed system can provide many additional benefits depending on your needs and requirements. While monitoring costs vary greatly from one provide to another, make sure you ask what is included in the monitoring fee and how long it lasts.
Yes, Security systems can be affordable, if you do the math, lower insurance costs, peace of mind and knowing that you are reducing the odds that you and your family will become a victim of crime.