Since last fall, we have been contacted numerous times to repair existing Central Vac systems. What really happens is that most people that have a system, don’t treat it like a regular vac, you know out of sight, out of mind. I have found systems so clogged that the motor has been burned out, just trying to develop a vacuum.

Lets face it, this type of system get really rough treatment! Normal weekly use of a standard upright or canister vac would require a bag change or emptying the “bin”, thus allowing the user to see the complete system.  With a central vac, the power unit and canister are in the basement utility room or garage and are not looked at unless the system stops working well.  However, just dumping the canister or installing a new bag does not keep a central vac system in good working order.  Like it’s smaller cousins, the entire system needs at least an annual inspection and cleaning to operate a peak efficiency.

When was the last time you have the motor cleaned, oiled (if necessary) the central piping inspected and possibly snaked to remove any small clogs that may be reducing the volume of vacuum?  Have you looked at all the inlets to make sure that they are closing properly, have not been pulled loose from the wall,  and when the hose is inserted starts the motor?  Have you cleaned the internal filters and made sure that the bin is clean and clear of dust and mold? Yes, I know that is not a pleasant afternoon chore, but with a little effort, your investment will be operating at peak levels, your home will be cleaner and the air quality better.

Why take the time, well the average replacement power unit is just under $600 installed and should have a useful life of ten to twelve years.  Longer, if you maintain it, clean it and keep all the piping, accessories and tool in good working order.

Maybe you have though about a system in your home.  A quality installation may take two to three days, and may need to use a closet o get the piping from one level to another.  Central Vac systems are relatively easy to maintain, offer more powerful cleaning action than uprights and canister vacs and are easier to use.

It has been a while since I posted, but this has been on my mind for a couple of weeks.  Hey, what do you think about Central Vacs?  Do you have one?  Do you like it?