Central Vacuum Systems

Elite Systems Solutions offers today’s homeowner a quiet, powerful and energy efficient Central Vacuum System.  Partnering with industry leaders in Central Vacuum technology, we offer custom designed Central Vacuum Systems that keep todays high efficient homes unparalleled with cleaning power and unimaginable quiet performance.

By listening and responding to our customer’s requests, we will design and install a powerful, yet extremely quiet central vac system that does much more than just clean floors. Functioning similar to an environmental cleaning system, our properly designed and installed system improves air quality, minimizes your effort and reduces noise disturbance.  Our Central Vacuum System is a simple, effective and quiet way to remove dust and other allergens from your home.Check out these improvements over the standard vacuum cleaner!

More Cleaning Power

Up to five times more powerful than upright and canister systems, our central vacuum systems pull more dirt and dust out of the house and remove it outside your home.

Better Dust Filtration

Dirt and dust or captured inside the Power Unit, away from the living areas, in either the garage or basement.  With HEPA® filtration, Teflon and Microban antimicrobial coatings, dust and bacteria are trapped in the bag and easily disposed of in the trash.

Built-in Convenience

With our design services, all you will have to carry around is the lightweight hose.  With a handy VacPan installed in the kitchen, small clean up become a breeze.

Quiet Performance

With our exclusive internal sound suppression system, noise disturbances are reduced and because the power unit is mounted in the basement or garage, the noise is away from your primary living areas.

Good long-term investment

Our custom installed Central Vacuum system offers increased resale value in your home, ease and convenience in maintaining your home, and saves you time, and extends the value of your furnishings.  We offer on the best warranties in the industry.  Depending on the model you select, we can offer up to a full eight-year warranty on the Power Units.

Let Elite Systems Solutions design a system for you today!